ATOS E-BM-TEB-N-NP-01H/ACI 10 /DK14A Digital Driver

ATOS E-BM-TEB-N-NP-01H/ACI 10 /DK14A Digital Driver

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  • $2,030.58


Replaces  E-BM-TID-N-NP-01H/ACI 10 /DK14A


Digital drivers control in closed loop the position of the spool or poppet of direct and pilot operated proportional valves, according to the electronic reference input signal.

TEB execution controls direct operated directional/flow valves with one LVDT transducer.

LEB execution controls pilot operated directional valves with two LVDT transducers. Atos PC software allows to customize the driver configuration to the specific application requirements.

Electrical Features:

  • 6 fast plug-in connectors "

  • Mini USB port # always present

  • 2 leds for diagnostics $ (see 5.1)

  • Electrical protection against reverse polarity of power supply

  • Operating temperature range: -20 ÷ +60 °C

  • Plastic box with IP20 protection degree and standard DIN-rail mounting

  • CE mark according to EMC directive

    Software Features:

    • Intuitive graphic interface

    • Setting of valve’s functional parameters: bias, scale, ramps, dither

    • Linearization function for hydraulic regulation

    • Setting of PID gains

    • Selection of analog IN / OUT range

    • Complete diagnostic of driver status

    • Internal oscilloscope function

    • In field firmware update through USB port




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